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Gps Tracking Glossary: 14+ Hardware Phrases You Need To Know GPS navigators are very popular devices that can help you pinpoint your exact location anywhere in the globe or help you plot your way to your destination on a digital 2D or 3D map. In parallel with this technology are GPS tracking devices that used primarily to identify, monitor and track the movements of a particular person, vehicle of object outfitted with this device.
As a reseller of this fast-moving high-tech gadget, or if you are just planning to delve into this very lucrative business, you need to familiarize yourself with all themon words, phrases and other terminologies associated with such devices _ and the following definitive guide will show you just how.
The Popularity of GPS Tracking Devices
As a reseller of GPS tracking devices, it is important that you know the correct terminologies, features, functions and other important information associated with this device. Their popularity is growing each and every day and more and more people are trying to find out more about these devices and what they can do for them. As a reseller, it would be wise to be knowledgeable about every aspect of this technology _ and use this to your advantage.
There is a wide and diverse market which you can tap as a reseller of GPS tracking devices. Business people involved in the freight forwarding, courier, limousine, and taxi services are at the top of this list as they would want to have close monitoring on the location and movement patterns of their fleet of vehicles readily available. Even private owners of vehicles would want to have such tracking technologies at their fingertips _ as an added protection on their assets.
The same tracking capabilities that the military use for covert operations is readily available for local law enforcement agencies and even private investigators wanting to track movements of suspected parties by offering them GPS trackers, GPS loggers and location finders. In a similar manner, you can offer these products to careful parents who would like to monitor the whereabouts of their children _ while giving them a sense of freedom of movement.
There is a big market for you with adventurers, travelers, photographers and even conservationists who would like to have GPS information to tag digital photographs they have taken on animals, geographical locations and any subject according to their interest. They can keep track of animal movements and behavioral patterns using GPS loggers or help them get back to their base camp using location finders.
The market possibilities are practically endless. You just need to identify which segment needs these devices and tap into that market. But first, you must equip yourself with a working knowledge of words, phrases and terminologies about GPS tracking hardware _ before you make the move and market these products.
GPS Tracking Hardware Phrases You Need to Know
* Processor
The processor module is the heart of your GPS tracker devices. The processor receives and calculates satellite signals to determine the exact location of your target and display it on a map.
* Chipset
The chipset is the mind that makes the processor of your GPS tracker work. These sensitive chips can improve the accuracy and consistency of your device, even if it goes to a location that is quite inaccessible or with several obstructions.
* GPS Antenna
A GPS antenna amplifies the GPS signal from your GPS tracker before it sends location information to your server.
* Lithium Battery
Lithium-Ion or Lithium-Polymer batteries make use of the element lithium, a silvery metallic substance that can enable your portable GPS tracking units to run for hours while on the go, particularly when cold weather conditions and the size and weight of your device is a primary consideration.
* Mini-USB Jack
A mini USB jack is the standard format used for connection of GPS tracking devices to a PC or server to transfer data or install software. This is amon format used for PDAs and other mobile devices.
SDRAM or Synchronous Dynamic Access Memory is the type if internal memory used in GPS tracking devices for fast and reliableputing power.
* GSM Module
GPS trackers upload information to a server via a satellite uplink or through the wireless cellular network using an integrated GSM module. This also enabled GPS trackers with SOS capabilities to send out SMS messages or even emails through this network.
* Mic or Microphone
New models of GPS tracking units are equipped with voice recognition capabilities to allow voiced outmands through an integrated microphone or through an externally attached microphone.
* Speaker
Similarly, GPS tracking units with mic are also usually built in internal speakers or connector facilities for headsets or external speakers.
* Patch Antenna
A patch antenna is used by a GPS tracking device to amplify GPS signals based on a particular wireless network format such as GSM, Wi-Fi, WiMax, wireless broadband, WLAN, ISM, RFID or ISM, whichever is available and used in your locality.
* Noise Generators
A GPS jammer can disrupt or prevent the reception of the C/A or civilian course acquisition code from the Global Positioning System. It can do this through the use of noise generators transmitting similar frequencies as the GPS signal itself.
* RF Amplication
GPS signals from GPS trackers or white noise generated by GPS jammers are produced by their internal circuitry but with certain losses in its signal strength. The RF amplifier strengthens or magnifies the strength of these signals before it is transmitted.
* Tuning Circuit
The tuning circuit inside GPS trackers and jammers are responsible for fine tuning the GPS signals according to the correct frequencies that will be received by GPS readers or servers.
* Interface
An interface is the access point or means of connecting to the GPS tracking unit to download stored information from its internal memory or to install software and other upgrades. Interface can be direct and wired as in the case of USB connectors, or it can be wireless using Bluetooth technologies.
There are still a lot more terminologies an associated phrases about GPS tracking devices that your should know but the list above can get you on the right track. As a reseller, it would be wise for you to know these terms and thoughts by heart _ as it can put you in a favorable position with your clients as well as an advantage over yourpetitors.

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