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Mistaken In Identity

Mistaken in Identity OOPS

By Me & syster-in-law, Ann. - Oct 2, 2008 - From incest_taboo. Incest and Taboo - Views - 70994 Saturday morning Beth & I sat talking over coffee I asked what her plans were for the day. Her twin sister was coming thru on business & she would be here a few days. Beth was going to pick her up at the airport at 08:30. I kissed her and told her I would be back about the same time after my round of golf. I grabbed my golf clubs and headed to my pick-up. My tee time started with a cold misting rain. By the 4th.hole the rain was dumping in buckets. The course management had closed the golf course due to the rain and lighting whether conditions. I was cold & wet. I headed home. It was about 10am
I rounded to curve and I seen Beth’s car in my driveway; my wife’s car was still there. I didn’t think any thing about. I put my clubs in the garage. And headed to the shower to warm up. I heard the shower running. The bathroom was all steamy. I stripped down and got in the shower with my wife. I put my hands around her titties from her back. I said, “Hi hun. She turned around and screamed. She was trying to cover up both boobs and her honey pot with two hands. It was Ann, my sister-in-law. Beth and Ann are twins. The only difference is cup size.
“Oh shit, Ann I’m sorry”, I thought you were Beth”
“Don’t worry about it Ted, it’s a natural mistake, I guess” Beth was called into the hospital on some emergency case” Standing in the steamy shower she explained to me. She let me take the car. “I bet you were surprised huh? Grabbing my tits like you did with more then a handful should have tipped you off that I wasn’t Beth”
“Oh, I am sorry sis” I said, I’ll get out and let you finish Ann”
“No, no you’re in here now, just as well finish together Ted, here wash by back” She handed me the washcloth.
Are you sure you want me to do this, I asked.
“You made the mistake I didn’t. Besides you have peeked at me many times, looking at my cleavage, trying to get a peek of my titties. “You have wanted to see me naked all these years haven’t you? Besides that I have wanted to see that tool you have hanging between your parentheses. Now, wash my back Ted”
She turned her back to me. She continued to shampoo her hair. I washed her back, shoulder and arms. Ann turned around saying “Now Ted do my front” I hesitated a moment. She said, “It’s ok. I want you to wash my body”.
Her light areola and her hard pink nipples were more than I could take. I washed her front. I found myself doing some playing also. Ann is a true blonde. She had a small patch of light blonde hair covering her cunt. I asked her what her husband, John would say about this? “Oh she said, “he is not here & I’m not going to tell him, are you? ”
I dropped the washcloth on purpose. Just to see what her intentions were. She picked it up and on her way up she stopped and my dick disappeared in her month. She started short strokes at first and gradually increased her swallowing of my cock and sucking me off on her way back up. I was soon steel hard. I grabbed her hanging tits and mauled them around. She looked up at me giving her approval.
Ann said, “Here Ted suck my tits this way” She wanted me to suckle her tits with a deep mouthful and bite her nipples on my way off her breasts. I did as I was told. She started cooing with a loud moan. ”Oh Yeah Ted” Just like that she said. Now bite a little harder” I sucked as much of her left tit in my mouth as I was able. I sucked and dug my face in her breast. I slowly came off to her hard nipple. Ann is one hot lady. She said, Now Ted bite down on my nipples. Not real hard but the correct pressure is the key. I bit down a little. She said, “No, no Ted, I mean bite down harder. Let’s try this again. Suck a mouth full of tit and then bite me”
I sucked her breasts a few minutes and bit her nipple. She went in to frenzy. Ann started to scream, “I’m going to cum, , “I’m going to fuckin’ cum” Her hips were contracting upwards to meet my body standing with her. “Oh Fuck Yeah Ted, do it again and then, Fuck Me” We got out of the shower & didn’t even dry off. She lay on the floor in the bathroom with her legs open wide. We were in the 69. She said, ” Now Ted Suck my tits and bite!” I got down and started to suckle her breasts. “I can feel it coming, Now Bite me” She said.
I did and she went into a frenzy again as she was squirting her cum all over the floor. Sucking my dick all the way down her throat. Ann even tried to get my nuts in her mouth. This was too much! I started to cum with out warning. I pumped volley after volley of cum down her throat. “You talk about Deep Throat! Oh damn Ann sure had one’
Ann continued to suck me until I was com completely hard again. She pushed me off of her, rolled me over and sat on my cock. Her wetness dripping off my cock as she sank all the to her ass on my rod. Slowly Ann started to ride my dick with long strokes. She forced her clit to rub on her fingers as she fucked me. Her attempts to ride my cock to it’s head was wild. She almost came out on a few strokes. ( Hey I had an idea) Ann continued to fuck me. On one of her long strokes she came off my dick. I moved it up and out a little. When she came back down, My cock aimed right to her ass. She was wet enough with out any lube, she impaled herself on my dick right up her asshole. Oh the feeling was tremendous! Ann never missed ah beat. Her strokes became faster as she was riding my cock in her tight bung.
I reached up and inserted two fingers in her cunt as she rode me. She started to cum with violence. Ann tossed her head around screaming. “I’M FUCKIN’ CUMMMMIN’ Oh Ted, CUM IN MY ASS. FILL MY ASS WITH YOUR HOT STICKY CUM” Just then I felt my balls about to burst. As I filled her bung with my seed. Her ass milked my dick until I stopped cummng.
We lay there on the floor to catch our breath. “ Oh that was fantastic” she said. Now we better get ourselves together before Beth gets home. We showered once more to get the sex off. We dried each other off and got dressed. A few moments later Beth walked in the door. I did a Whewooooooo. Just in time. Ann looked at me and smiled… We have a new bond between us now ………..

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