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My First Inflatable Pontoon Boat Fishing Adventure It was only a matter of time, until I finally got the boat I'd only been begging my wife to let me get for the past ten years! After all, she gets the new SUV and the kitchen remodel. It's about time I get myself something that makes me happy, right?
So I was browsing through the internet one day when I saw a picture of an inflatable pontoon boat that had these two chairs that swivel and I thought to myself, now that would be great to have for fishing! Not only did it have swivel seats, but it also came with oar locks, fishing rod holders and a motormount for gas or electric trolling motors. And the best part was, I didn't have to break the bank to get one! Man, was I excited!
Needless to say, I placed my order right then and there and I didn't even tell my wife about it until a week later when this big box was delivered to our house and I had to explain that it contained my dream-come-true. She being the great woman that she is, understood immediately.
I called my closest buddy, Jerry to give him the good news and see how soon we could go fishing. Turns out, he happened to have Friday off that week so we arranged to head out early Friday morning and go up to Miller's Pond where the cutthroat and rainbow trout and blue gill were plentiful.
The beauty of my new inflatable pontoon boat was that the whole thing folded up neatly in a carrying bag and fit perfectly in the bed of my truck. When we pulled it out and carried it to the edge of the pond, we had it com completely unfolded and inflated in less than ten minutes! Amazing!
I let Jerry sit in front while I shoved us off. I loved how easy and com comfortable it was to row. In no time, we reached our favorite fishing hole. Jerry was the first to cast his line out with his homemade artificial lure. He knew exactly which lure to tie on because he was a natural-born fisherman and had the instincts of his ancestors to guide him.
It couldn't have been more than five minutes passed after Jerry threw his line in, when he got a hit. Dang, he's good! He shot up out of his seat and started reeling it in. I grabbed the net, anticipating a hefty blue gill or rainbow trout on the other end, and leaned over the side. I must have leaned too far, though, because I lost my balance and I fell head first into Miller's Pond! While I'm treading water, Jerry's pulling out a 10-pound largemouth bass! Later, it turns out, Jerry had broken the record for the largest catch at Miller's Pond in over 20 years.
After his big catch and my accidental plunge into the pond, I was able to easily pull myself back into the boat. Unfortunately, we didn't bring any towels on this trip and since the temperature was a bit on the cool side, we decided to pack up and head for home. When we got to shore, my new boat deflated in just a few minutes and quickly folded up so we could stash it in the truck and hit the road.
That evening while I was huddled in front of our fireplace, my wife brought me some hot soup and asked me if I was still happy that I bought my boat. I looked at her and said, "What are you doing next weekend?"
profile/G.-Curtis/219540>G. Curtis

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