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Creating A Customized Hidden Camera

Creating A Customized Hidden Camera

Hidden cameras are a great way to sniff out bad behavior and they can be disguised as a number of regular household or office items. One thing many people don't know however, is that you can create your own hidden camera using a few basic tools and a regular household item. The following article tells you what you need to create a customized spy camera, as well as some excellent ideas of items you could turn into hidden cameras.

What You'll Need To Create A Customized Hidden Camera
In order to build your own spy camera you will need the following;

    Color Board Camera
    Digital Video Recorder
    Video And Power Cable

Using a standard color board camera you can turn just about any household or office item into a hidden spy camera. These board cameras are surprisingly small at just over 1 inch squared, and they can be concealed within many objects. These color board cameras will also need to be connected to a digital video recorder, and they will allow you to stream live video over the web.

Any object can be turned into a hidden camera as long as you are able to conceal the board camera within the object.

Some Ideas Of What You Could Turn Into A Hidden Camera

The following are some items you might consider converting into a spy camera and the benefits of each.

A Box Of Tissue - A tissue box is a great place to hide a video camera because it can be placed, literally, anywhere around the house. It's easy to hide a camera in because the whole exterior is lightweight cardboard. All you have to do is open up the bottom of the tissue box, cut a hole in the side and tape your board camera to the hole and you're done.

A Cereal Box - Cereal boxes are a staple of kitchen counters. If you're like me, your counter feels lonely without at least one box of cereal. Open the top of the box and place your camera. Set it out on the counter and no one will notice.

A Wall Clock - Wall clocks are popular spy cameras, as they allow you to view the scene from above without looking conspicuous. Some wall clocks are built as spy cameras, and others might need some modification. If you plan on modifying a wall clock though, we recommend you buy one from a goodwill store or savers.

Books - We've all seen the movies where the bad guy has a book safe on his desk with a Walther P22 inside, well this is the same idea. By hollowing out the pages of a book, one could easily create a specialized hidden camera to fit in your office or study. A great hidden camera, just don't use your favorite book.

Stuffed Animals - We only recommend this option if you're a certified stuffed animal surgeon, This might require some cutting, stuffing removal, and stitches. If you can find a stuffed animal that doesn't look out of place, they can easily be transformed into a hidden camera.

A Reminder: Always Obey Privacy Laws When Recording
No one likes getting in trouble and hidden cameras can get you into trouble if you don't use them wisely. Never record in an area where someone would have a reasonable expectation of privacy. It's your responsibility to follow your local laws.

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