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Does MyFreeImplants Really Make Breast Surgery Fee For Women?

Does MyFreeImplants Really Make Breast Surgery Fee For Women?


MyFreeImplants is a social networking site that allows women to earn money to pay for breast enlargement surgery. If you are unsure about how MyFreeImplants works this article will give you a brief overview before looking at whether or not it really is possible for women to get free breast implants using this site.

MyFreeImplants is a free service for women and a subscription based service for men. Women can sign up and use the services on the website without charge whereas men must pay a monthly fee. While it is possible for male users to sign up and look around the website, if they want to talk to any of the women online then the must sign up for a monthly membership.

Membership starts at around $5 a month and goes up to about $15 amonth to unlock all the website features. Once a member, a guy can find women he likes and talk to them via messages, a Live Chat service not unlike Microsoft Instant Messenger, or using a web cam. If he wants to make a donation towards her breast surgery then he must buy credits that he passes along to the women.

For example, a man can purchase $50 worth of credit which is stored in his account. If he wants to donate, say, $20 to a women he simply fills the amount in the donation box on her profile and presses send. The money will be deducted from his $50, leaving him with $30 in his account.

A second extra expense for male users of MyFreeImplants are message credits. Every time a man leaves a woman a message she earns a dollar. In order to be able to send messages, male users must purchase a store of message credits. Messages can be left on a women's profile, as a reply to one of her blogs, or a comment on one of her pictures. Female users can message for free. Live Chat is free for male and female users. If a man has no message credits he can still chat to his female friends using Live Chat.

How do women actually get their free implants?

After a woman signs up to MyFreeImplants she will be given a target figure of $5000. Her actual breast surgery may cost more. Once she has visited a breast surgeon and been given a quote her goal will change. So, if her surgeon tells her that it will cost $8800 for her breast implants, she will inform the MyFreeImplants admin and they will change her target figure to $8800. Despite her country of origin all money on the MyFreeImplants site is in dollars.

The actual money is never paid out to the women directly. MyFreeImplants pays the surgeon she has chosen directly. If a female user gives up and quits her account then all the money she has earned up to this point will be forfeited. It isn't wasted, the male users who donated the money receive all their donation back and can give them to other women who will use them.

Does MyFreeImplants actually work or is it a scam?

The website is not a scam. It doesn't have to be. Many women sign up and many women succeed in getting their breast implants for free. Some women, who want several boob jobs, will return and start over again to earn the money to pay for a second breast surgery procedure.

Why do men donate to women?

This is a controversial question. MyFreeImplants likes to put forward the idea of male users contributing to the cost of breast surgery out of the kindness of their hearts. Some men want to chat to the women and get to know them. They look forward to receiving messages and chatting about their day and finding out about other people and places. These men accept the cost of message credits simply as the cost of using the website. Other men are more interested in receiving pictures of the women and take a sexual interest in breasts. The donations they give are made with the understanding that the women they donate to will send them pictures and videos.

Is MyFreeImplants a bit seedy?

This is like asking if other social networking sites are a bit seedy. Just as people can use places like Facebook to chat about adult subjects, MyFreeImplants can be used in the same way. Some people, without a doubt, use the site to engage in adult activity. However, this is by no means compulsory. Some female users are happy to discuss sexual topics and send male users adult pictures and videos of themselves while also simply engage in friendly chat. Many women will send out pictures of themselves in swim wear or evening wear and are flattered by complements they receive from the male users.

Is MyFreeImplants a safe website to use?

The personal details of all users are never revealed. Any attempts to communicate outside the website is strictly prohibited. This is not only to protect the users but to protect the website owner's profits too. Any abusive members will find their accounts terminated. All users can block any other users and the leaving of abusive or hurtful comments is against the terms and conditions of use.

How long does it take to get your free breast implants?

Women who put the time into the MyFreeImplants and build friendships with male users can get into the Hall of Fame (women who have received their breast surgery) with a matter of months. It's not unusual for women to reach their goals with 3 months. However, for many users it can take anything up to a year.

It doesn't make a difference what approach women take as long as they make themselves approachable and available for chat. One women who just wants to have friendly chats, swap jokes and talk about the movies she likes and so on can earn her breast implants just as quickly as another woman who wants to sell photo sets and videos of herself.

Suppose your goal is $5000. If you get just 20 messages a day, in the form of profile messages, picture and blog comments, it will take you around 8 months to get your breast surgery. If you get an additional $30 of donations a day you can reach your goal in around 3 months.

Why should you sign up to MyFreeImplants if you are a man?

There are many reasons to become a member of the site if you are a man.

1. First of all you get to help women who genuinely want and need your help.

2.You know for sure that the women you are talking to is the women in the pictures. All female accounts are verified by MyFreeImplants admin so the women genuinely are who they say they are.

3. All the women online want to talk to you. Unlike other web cam service or chat room, the women on the site will want to chat and will instigate conversations with you.

4. It is easy to make friends, Because of the anonymity of the site you can talk freely tell your new females friends thing you'd be reluctant to speak to others about.

5. Many women offer custom photos and videos and are open to requests.

6. You can chat to women, send and receive pictures for around $5 a month. If you want to take advantage of the live web cam chats you'll need to upgrade to a premium account which costs around $15 a month.

7. There is a huge variety of women online at MyFreeImplants. Different women of all ages and all ethnicities from around the world (but mainly the US and UK).

In conclusion

MyFreeImplants is a legitimate method for women, who would otherwise not be able to afford them, to get breast implants. The website is fun to use and many women have nothing but positive things to say about their experiences online. However, the website is controversial. Some people have criticized the website for, what they see as, trivializing a serious surgical procedure. Others have criticized the sexual aspect of the website. These critics claim that sending pictures and videos in return for donations is akin to prostitution. While this claim over reaches it provokes a legitimate debate. A more appropriate analogy would be to compare some users of MyFreeImplants to models who use the money they earn modeling to pay for their breast surgery. It must be said, for balance, that many users of the website get their free breast implants without sending adult or pin-up style pictures to their male friends.


Find about more about MyFreeImplants members/160280/how_it_works.asp>MyFreeImplants and what you can get out of it.

Whether you are a women lookng to have fun and make friends and getting free breast implants. Or a guy looking to meet fund and exciting women to chat and share secrets with. Check out MyFreeImplants members/160280/how_it_works.asp>MyFreeImplants now!

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