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Hyderabad Theatres _ Movies & Showtimings

Hyderabad Theatres _ Movies & Showtimings

The stars of the Tollywood industry are house-hold names, and there are denizens out there who scrutinize every aspect of their lives - both personal and professional. The intensity of this fanhood can be gauged by watching a single episode of ETV's reality show Abhimani, wherein, more often than not, the actors themselves are gobsmacked by the extent of their followers' knowledge of their personals. The people of Hyderabad are no different. The cinema halls situated at the RTC Cross Roads are a way of measuring the craze of those who bring to life the world of fiction, gripping the masses . Larger than life cutouts of film stars, weighed down by humongous original and artificial garlands, and banners of the actors' fan associations declaring that the movie will create history at the box office, are what greet a visitor at the theatres at the X Roads. Devi 70mm, Sandhya 70mm, Sandhya 35mm, Saptagiri, Sudharshan, Odeon 70mm and Odeon Deluxe are seen teeming with the masses on the day of the release of any movie. Cashing in on the mania, black ticketing is also widely practiced at these theatres, as is the case at numerous other theatres in town. The prices of the tickets (non-black ones, that is) range between Rs. 10 and Rs. 50. All the theatres located at the RTC X Roads boast of superior audio-visual systems, spacious auditoriums and most times, functional ACs. If a serene movie-watching experience is what you seek, steer clear of these halls, for they are the blue-collars' ticket to 3 hours of relief from the harsh realities of life. Sree Ramana 70mm, a theatre with 2 screens, one each of 35mm and 70mm, located in Amberpet is known to be among the foremost theatres in the city to screen the latest Telugu and Hindi movies. Ever abuzz with fantasy fans, the deplorable parking space for two wheelers is insufficient. However, at Rs. 50, one can watch a movie seated on com comfortable chairs with cup-holder armrests, and the ample leg-space ensures that late-comers don't disturb you. Tivoli is arguably the most preferred, economical venue to watch Telugu, Hindi and English movies in Secunderabad, Hyderabad's twin. The theatre houses 2 screens, both of which are equipped with Dolby Digital and DTS systems, and the air-conditioned auditoriums are pitch-black while the movie is on, which helps the viewer immerse oneself in the story being illustrated. However, the dim lighting utilized otherwise makes one feel disconcerted. The theatre is squeaky clean and ample parking space is available. The in-house cafeteria is well-stocked, and if you don't feel like popcorn and chips, you have the option of popping in at the Cafe Coffee Day that the 2 screens share their compound walls with. Moving on to the sophisticated multiplexes that attract those who demand the comfort of a fully functional AC, opulent seating, state-of-the-art audio-visual systems, and a peaceful movie watching experience, at the expenditure of Rs. 150. The most favored haunts for luxuriously watching fullhyderabad home/section/moviesmovies in Hyderabad are expounded upon henceforth. PVR, situated on the 5th floor of the ever-glutted Hyderabad Central, is a movie-goer's haven, wherein one can sink into lavish red seats and leap into fantasy worlds while rooted to reality by crunchy nachos. The gaming arcade delights the kids, while older audiences will have to make do with air-hockey and the avoidable food court. Situated on the 4th floor is INOX, a 4-screen multiplex wherein each of the 4 screens are arranged in a fashion that makes one feel like Alice in Wonderland. The layout of the place is a puzzle, but the auditoriums are worth the effort that went into finding the right hall. As is the norm with multiplexes, this theatre, too, employs cutting-edge audio-visual technology. Cine Planet Multiplex, located in Kompally, is where the management of the CMR institutions should search for their mass-bunking students. At times, the multiplex seems to have meta morphed into a CMR campus, due to the sheer number of engineering students stalking its corridors. Mentioned above are but a small percentage of the total number of cinema halls in the city. Each entry in the fullhyderabad movies/theatres_showtimings_hyderabad/Ytheatres list in Hyderabad has its own roller-coaster story, and the trends are such that what is touted as the best theatre today, may tomorrow be the hall one would be advised to avoid like the plague. Keep you ears pricked, and choose wisely, to avail yourself of a memorable movie-watching experience. Keywords: Movies, Hyderabad, Movies in Hyderabad, theatres, cinema halls, show timings, movie review, Hyderabad Movies
fullhyderabad Hyderabad

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