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Monday Morning

Monday Morning

By W.M inarut juno - Oct 29, 2008 - From erotic- stories. Erotic Stories - Views - 8124 I was just settled on the balcony and the phone rang – I picked it up and her voice was there.
“Oh hi, Sheri. I’m all settled. When are you coming to see me?” I asked breathlessly.
“So glad you made it OK!” She said laughing a little.
“Sure! Wouldn’t miss this for the world.” I giggled.
“Be there in the morning?”
“I’ll send a taxi for her with a babysitter for the day.”
“You are?”
“Yeah, the concierge here at the hotel has arranged that for me. The babysitter can come every day if you want them to.”
“Oh you are so sweet – yes that would make it so easy for me.”
“That’s why I’m here, baby, to make it easy on you so we can be together.”
She just breathed a sigh.
“You sound so sweet, baby! What time do you want the taxi?”
“About 7:30 or 8 AM tomorrow morning? Would that be OK for you? ”
“Anytime, my sweet girl.” I breathed deeply.
After making arrangements to meet on Monday morning, we further arranged to meet that evening on Skype then hung up the telephone. She would meet me on Skype at about 11 PM tonight and we’d chat for a while after her husband went to sleep. I logged on to the hotels web connection at about 10:30 and we met – had wonderful verbal sex and I went to bed to think good thoughts about her.
Tomorrow morning, that’s all I could think of. All these months of waiting and writing stories together were finally coming to pass. I grew more and more excited and barely slept.
A simple knock on my door – it was about 8:30 – I put on my thin robe that was draped on the chair by the bed. Nude underneath but I didn’t care – I doubted if she would mind.
She entered - I looked at her and our eyes met for the first time. Her brown hair cascading over her shoulders, she had on the little blue dress she had on when she took the photo she sent me. What a vision of loveliness she is. Closed the door behind her– now we were alone for the very first time. My cock felt the urges increase inside my robe and rise a little.
“Oh, Baby!” I sighed.
She and I walked toward each other slowly. I took her in my arms, trembling a little in anticipation but as she nestled inside my open arms and her arms went over my back I soon relaxed to her touch. She is only 4’11” tall and I am 6’2” so I towered over her some. The other thing I thought about was that she are 28 and I am 48, 20 years difference in ages, but that soon vanished in my thoughts.
I held her close to my body, looked down at her. Her lips were turned up to me as I said,
“You’re really here, baby.”
“Yes!” She breathed.
“Do we want to do this?” I questioned her for the last time.
“Oh! I want to.” She looked at me very deeply her breath catching in her throat.
“He won’t miss it if you gave me some pussy?” I begged as my lips lowered to her.
“I doubt it, baby! And I really don’t care if he does at this point!” She sighed as my lips found her gently and pressed them against her lips. She responded immediately by standing on her tiptoes to reach me.
Locked in a passionate kiss we held each other standing in the center of the room. My hands cupped her little bustled shaped ass and pulled her close to my growing cock. Her head was thrown back a little to give me access to her soft open mouth as our tongues touched inside our mouths. She groaned under my touch, my mouth uttered soft sounds inside our mouths as we gently caressed our bodies at the same time and felt our shared exchange intensely in the bounds of our beings.
I released my embrace, backed away from her a little, and unbuttoned the white buttons on her blue outfit slowly, returning to her lips as I opened the last one. Her dress dropped to the floor around her feet. My hands circled her waist again feeling the soft delicate skin. Released her bra and she let it drop off revealing her beautiful ample breasts to me. I arched my back, took her left breast in my hand, placed my lips on the nipple, and sucked it hard while I directed my other hand to her belly above her G-String and gently caressed her belly.
While sucking her nipple, I ran my hand into her G- String and removed it from over her thighs, revealing her wet naked mound, then let it drop on top of her blue dress. Her breath was coming in slow deep cadence my breathing grew deeper. Lips on her nipples, finger found the slit between her legs. Wet – so wet, I fingered it gently up and down the slit. I heard her moan softly, catching her breath as I slowly opened her pussy lips with my finger.
I started kissing her breast going down her belly, slowly toward her prize between her legs. She opened them slightly as my mouth found her mound and licked toward her slit. On my knees now in front of her my tongue found the dripping slit and sucked her tenderly. This opened her passion immediately and she grasped the back of my head and pulled my mouth to her deeper into her crotch. I responded by sucking more intently draining her love juice into my mouth. Wet sounds as I sucked her, then I stood up, grasped her lithe body in both arms, walked toward the bed with her clasping me close holding me tight. We kissed deeply as I carried her the few steps to the bed in the next room. She could taste her pussy on my lips as we kissed. As I walked with her in my arms I cupped her ass and held her to me.
It was still unmade from my sleep last night. Laid her down gently in front of me on the bed, I looked down as she scooted toward the center of the bed; I opened my robe and let it drop to the floor. I watched as she found her dripping pussy and started fingering herself while she watched my cock grow to full length in front of her.
My chest is covered with chest hair, my cock is surrounded with thick dark hair and my 7-inch by 2.5-inch diameter tool stands erect for her now. I looked intently into her eyes that are half closed now, and then lowered my body on hers, again circling her body with my arms under her back and ass and lifting her body com completely off the bed under me.
“It’s time, Baby!!” I gasped
“Yes!!” She sighed under me.
“Put it where you want it, sweetheart.”
I lifted my body from off her slightly, and with that I felt her gentle hand clasp its length; slip it gently toward her slit. The flanged head poised there for an instant – she removed her hand from my stiff, gnarled, veined tool and pushed her hands into the sheets, grasping them, her head back a little. I kissed her deep covering her mouth com completely. I pressed my thighs toward her gently; I felt the throbbing head breach her sphincter muscle gaining admission into her aperture.
“Oh Eddy !” She gasped.
“Yes – Baby!”
“Oh God!” I gasped.
“Baby!” she shrieked.
“Now – Baby” I lowered my cock a little deeper.
“Ahhhh!” She gasped.
“More? Want more, baby??” I whispered.
“More!! Ahhhh yes! ”
“Deeper?” Pushing in more.
“Deeper? Deeper? More? OHHHH, Baby!”
“More?” she whimpered.
“Deeper!! Deeper!” I whimpered as I felt my thighs rush my cock deep inside.
Stroking some more, finding the full length of my hard cock inside in a few seconds, with her climbing to an orgasm as I reached the full depth inside her. I felt her little pussy responding gradually, rising to an apex, then clasping my hard cock in its confines as she sighed out loud,
And I knew she was having it under me as her body heaved repeatedly under my actions. She grasped the sheets tight, humped up to meet my buried cock, my hand under her buttock felt where my cock was buried inside her, the love liquid flowing out of her abundantly moistening my fingers circling her pussy full of my cock. The lips of her vagina were bulged out straining to accommodate my tool. I continued pumping inside her while she exploded her pent up inhibitions. Stroking - stroking – stroking – full length inside her – not stopping stroking.
“Get it baby!! Get it for me!! Do it – Do it. Let it all go baby – I’m yours. Feel my cock baby!”
“Ohhhhhhhh! Ahhhhhhhh- YESSSSSSSSSSSSSS!” She screamed feeling it rushing in and out of her hard.
Her breathing was labored – heavy – my breath was hard and even. I kissed her neck while she vibrated under me. She was having a very violent orgasm for me and I loved it. Humping – humping – humping. Not stopping for a second.
Our sweating bodies slapped together, the bed reverberating under our motions. Wet pussy – slipping in and out of her. Wet sounds as my cock glided in and out without stopping. She was receiving it freely; legs open and humping up to meet my heaves. Harder and harder.
Her breath came in hesitating soft moans now.
“Oh – Oh - Oh!”
“Ahhhh Ahhhhh Ahhhh” I grunted as my slimy cock massaged her harder and harder.
“Oh! Eddy !” She shrieked.
Dripping her love juice to the bed over my fingers pushing up into her ass. Finger inside her anus. Deeper - fingering her.
She yelped as I continued my thumping inside her.
“OH! Baby!!”
“Want it more baby!” I whined.
“Yes – Don’t stop. More – more – more.”
She screamed out another orgasm in my ear. I kissed her again then moved my kiss to her neck while she trembled under me. Sweat pouring off us now. Cool air on my back – I felt her legs wrapped tightly around my back.
I removed my arms from under her, and then wrapped my arms around her knees, pulling her legs back to her chest. Through her knees holding them back hard against her chest. Humping some more, she was wild now, Felt her little pussy clinch around my shaft. I knew this was it – no turning back now
“OK baby!”
“Yes!” She shouted.
“COMING! Baby – COMING!!!”
“Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.” She screeched.
My cock felt the rush of semen down the tube inside my tool, throbbed hard and voided my semen deep inside her convulsing love tunnel.
“I feel it filling me.” She screamed and pushed her throbbing thighs up to meet my demands.
“My cum baby!!!! Filling you baby!”
“God! It’s so hot inside me! So Hot, throbbing cock, baby! Fill me- fill me, ” She screamed out loud convulsing around me with her tight pussy
Love liquid saturated the depths of her pussy forcing the surplus out surrounding my sheltered cock and we heard a squirting sound as it oozed out to the sheets.
“Shot in you, baby!”
“Oh Eddy !
“Feel it baby?”
“Ahhhhhhhhhhhh! Yesssssss! So full!
“That’s my girl.” Cock throbbing inside her.
Resting still with my cock in her, I released her legs back to the bed on each side of my legs. Still buried deep inside now. We drifted off to a few minutes of total relaxation.
Knocking on the room door. I asked who it was and the lady said,
“House Keeping” They wanted to clean the room. I called to them,
“Just a minute.”
I pulled out of her with a sucking sound as my cock came out of her wet pussy.
I got up put my robe on, went to the closet and got a robe for her that was hanging in there, compliments of the hotel. She hurriedly put it over her and went toward the open door to our deck overlooking the ocean. I let them in to clean the room.
I went to the refrigerator and got out an opened bottle of white wine I had sipped on the night before and two glasses and joined her on the outdoor deck. Where she was sitting looking up at me and smiling, her hair disheveled from our lovemaking.
I touched her hair, leaned over, kissed her firmly on her lips, sat down in the chair next to her, and poured each of us a glass of wine. We toasted each other and sipped our wine while the housekeeping ladies cleaned our room. We talked and shared our lives, talked about everything that came to mind. Laughed and teased each other, more wine. I got up and went into the room as the ladies were leaving, tipped them and retrieved a gift I had brought her from the states.
Returned to the patio, sat down, she stood up and filled my lap with her sweet little body as I sat down and I enfolded her in my arms, we kissed again. I sampled the sweet wine on her lips as I sucked her lower lip. We locked in an embrace for a few minutes, as I felt her warm body through the robe. She sighed loudly and my breath caught in my throat as I felt the passion again arise in my thighs.
My hand wandered into the opening of her robe and discovered the supple skin of her thighs. She twisted her hips to my touch and looked intently at me with those brown eyes of hers. I kissed her again sensing her passion awaken as I explored under her robe for a few minutes. I fingered her slit and felt the dampness dribble from her vagina.
She gasped as I touched her,
“Oh, Eddy !”
“You like that baby?” I asked and kissed her again.
I reached into my robe pocket and retrieved the gift I had brought for her. It was a dildo fashioned from an actual replica of my erect penis, down to the last detail. She looked at it and whispered,
“That for me? ”
“Yeah! Want to try it?” I whispered back to her.
“Oh! Yeah! Never had one of those before! It looks so real!”
“Exact replica of what you are going to get.” I sighed and smiled at her.
My finger rubbed her little clitoris a few seconds, felt the slimy love liquid oozing out of her over my finger. I took the dildo and ran it inside her moistening slit up and down once or twice. She squirmed noticeably and opened her legs some as I placed the head of the dildo against the opening and pushed it inside.
“Ahh! Ahh! ! AHH” She squealed feeling it divide her pussy entrance and slip inside.
I licked my fingers covered with her love fluid then kissed her firmly and held her there for a long while as I slowly inserted my dildo cock into her deeper.
“Oh, baby!” She sighed feeling it divide her deeper and deeper.
“Yes! Yes! Yes! Oh Baby! She breathed harder.
“Ummmmmm! I sighed as I manipulated the tool inside her slowly at first then increasing faster and faster, increasing her pleasure more and more. Soon she laid her head back on my shoulder, opened wider for me, I was reciprocating the tool faster, and faster full length into her wet pussy.
It was coming – I knew it was coming, she shuddered on my lap – It rose higher and higher. She screamed out loud,
“Eddy – Eddy – Eddy – OH! Eddy I’m coming!” and with that her body convulsed wildly as she orgasmed squirting out more juice on to the dildo and my legs.
I left the dildo inside her, picked her up in my arms and headed toward the bed where I laid her down gently, opened my robe and laid my body against her rs, pulled the dildo out with a sucking sound and located the head of my cock in its place and enclosed my throbbing cock all the way inside. She let out an additional whelp and orgasmed yet again around my entrenched penis as I dropped the dildo off the bed.
Humping her, harder and harder, deeper and deeper, in and out all the way in, then all the way out – back in, slipping sounds, wet sounds, faster and faster I humped her, she wheezed and sighed louder and louder. My breath was coming in rapid sighs. I felt the orgasm rising in my balls, it grew, and it grew some more. Rising – rising! I knew it was getting close. Felt the semen starting to fill my tube in my cock,
Pulled my cock out of her throbbing hole, with a sucking sound, pulled myself back off her, straddled her body with my legs over her body on each side of her breasts, took my slimy dripping cock in my hand and aimed it at her mouth,
“Open her mouth, baby! Want this, Baby??” I sighed loud as she looked at my cock right there for her to see. She opened her sweet mouth; I manipulated my cock with one hand masturbating myself to an ejaculation.
The semen shot out as my throbbing cock voided my sperm on her lips and into her mouth, followed by the head of my throbbing shaft coming into her mouth.
“Ahh! Ahhhh! Ahhh!” As it shot into her sucking orifice.
I backed my spurting cock out from her lips, again positioned my body over her vagina ejaculating semen over her belly and breasts while repositioning my thighs amid her receptive legs and re-entered her all-consuming pussy to offer her the last heave of my orgasm as she released a new orgasm instantaneously as she felt it enter her.
I kissed her, sucking some of my ejaculation from her wet lips. We traded my semen inside our mouths as I again shot the remainder of my load inside her love receptacle. She were absolutely wild now, her hips flailing up and down, her hands gripping the bed sheets tightly and her breathing out of control.
We melted into each others arms as I rolled her on top of my sweating body with my cock planted deep inside of her wet vagina.
We later moved some, she kissed me full on the lips and smiled at me from above as I clasped my arms around her, sat up, pulled my dripping tool from her and picked her little body up and headed for the bathroom together. She held me tight with her legs and arms around me and laughed as I turned on the shower. Stepped into the shower with her and we felt the warm water splatter around us.
Nice shower – I lathered her and reciprocated and stroked my whole body as I did the same for her, rinsing off the sweat and semen from our bodies. We were a mess I know, but it was a “good” mess. We dried off, dressed ourselves. While she finished in the bathroom, I ordered room service for lunch.
Later we enjoyed a full lunch on the patio watching the sea in the distance and talking and joking – enjoying each other to the fullest.
I had obtained a key to my room for her, gave it to her and said,
“Use it as much as you want this coming week. I’ll be here for you anytime!” Then smiled broadly and kissed her.
We went for a walk down to the ocean holding hands and talking together for over an hour. I watched her little bustle bottom swinging happily in front of me at times and my passion intensified however it wasn’t to be as her time was fleeting and knew she had to get home before her husband got back from his work.
We kissed and parted with the idea of meeting on line later. She entered her taxi and she was gone for the day. We did later meet on line and had sex via the Internet, but believe me it was nothing like we had had in person.
I slept like a baby Monday night, her pussy had satiated me fully and I was drained. I don’t think I moved once we had signed off the internet that night and both had finally settled down for the night, she with her husband and me with my dreams.

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