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Moving To Bangladesh - Are You Nervous? By Nir Dotan

When I first accepted the job in Bangladesh, I was very nervous. Thepany gave me a good relocation allowance, but I did not know what to do. Who is a good international movingpany? Where is a good neighborhood for a foreign employee to live in? My first step was finding a good residence. Luckily, I stumbled across a few internet sites for ex-pats, which is what they call people living in a foreign country. I found a few ex-patmunities in India and Bangladesh, and even found a house next-door to someone from my hometown. After faxing a signed rental agreement, my next step was to select an international movingpany.
Moving halfway across the world to a new country was nerve wracking enough, but then I began to wonder how I was going to move all of my things to Bangladesh. I had several suggestions about movers to avoid, but there was one international movingpany that was praised by a number of people. I took stock of what I needed moved and gave the movers a call. They were immediately friendly and helpful, letting me know what I would need to prepare, explaining the process and offering inexpensive insurance on the items to be moved.
When the day came for the move, the international movingpany sent several polite and hardworking workers to my house. After they reviewed what needed to moved, they immediately started quickly and carefully packing all of my things into sturdy boxes. After they were done, I signed a few forms and they quickly filed in and out of my home, stacking and securing the boxes in a truck for transportation to the airport. My house was mostly empty except for my luggage.
My sister arrived to take to the airport and I said my last goodbye to my home of seven years. At the airport, my brothers and a number of friends were there to see me off. After I checked in my luggage, we said our goodbyes to each other with hugs and tears all around. The flight was generally pleasant but rather uneventful. When I arrived at my new home, I was thrilled by the thriving neighborhood and even more excited about the beauty of my new place.
I gave the neighbor from my hometown a call and we went out for a light dinner at a local restaurant. I rented a nearby hotel room while I waited for my things to arrive in Bangladesh. When my house goods did not arrive on-time, I gave my international movingpany a worried call. They politely explained that my electronics were held up in customs, apologized for the delay and let me know that my things would be delivered the next day. The next day, the movers arrived with all of my things. After a few more days, with my neighbor's help, my things were unpacked and my house was in order. I was relieved my move was over and I was looking forward to life in Bangladesh.
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Nir_Dotan Nir_Dotan

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