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Streaming Webcam Software Article

Willing Webcam - Unlock Your Camera With Webcam Software The advent of broadband connectivity to the Internet gave us not only the opportunity to surf with greater speed and comfort but also the opportunity to talk with colleagues, friends, and relatives residing in distant cities and be able to hear their voice and see their face. Most of us who enjoy video chatting over the Net already have a web camera. Others who do not yet have a webcam may already have some other camera, such as a digital photo camera or a camcorder. But if you think your webcam or other camera can only broadcast your face to someone on the other end of the cable - you do not have the entire picture. In just a moment, that "useless" device can become your all-seeing eye, digital nanny, guardian angel, or security guard - all you need to do is install the right software.
Willing Webcam is the software that promises to magically turn just about any video-capturing device into a number of handy solutions for business or pleasure. This webcam software captures streaming video or images from a camera and saves them on disk or sends them to your web site. But the features that may seem simple at first will surprise you with their rich functionality.
Of course, the first thing that comes into our minds when we hear "webcam" is video chat over the Internet. And although Willing Webcam doesn't have a built-in interface for video conferencing, it integrates perfectly with Skype, Yahoo, AOL, MSN, and other instant messengers, easily resolving hardware compatibility problems that occur with many camera brands.
With Willing Webcam, you can easily share your real-time streaming video with your friends or relatives via your web site. No matter where you are, your friends and family can simply open your web page to see what you're up to. To make your webcam page even more eye-catching, you can embed all kinds of text labels and pictures or video effects in real time. This feature is especially handy for scientists, who can easily comment on their research online. Certainly, you can also use your webcam for taking snapshots. The quality of the shots is very good for posting the images online. But that's still too ordinary. How about using your webcam to handle a real challenge?
You can set up your webcam for guarding your house, car or any other property. Like a faithful watchdog, it will scan the darkness trying to capture even the slightest motion and then instantly alert you if it detects an intrusion or drive-by incident. Of course, it won't be able to send an army of robots to tie the intruder's hands or stop the thief, but it will provide sufficient data for the police department, including the intruder's or thief's face in high resolution.
Parents using Willing Webcam can turn their webcam into a digital babysitter. No matter where they are at the moment, they can quickly take a look on their office computer or mobile phone and make sure their children are okay. Nurses can take advantage of this functionality when watching after their ill or disabled patients; all rooms can be overseen from a single location, and care can be given to the patients promptly.
Besides webcam devices, Willing Webcam can handle camcorders and digital cameras with FireWire, S-Video, or composite ports, video-capturing USB devices, TV tuners, and network cameras that generate JPEG or M-JPEG images as output. The software supports image rotation, tilting, and scaling for Logitech QuickCam Orbit cameras.
They say humans are mesmerized by fire burning, water flowing, or someone else working. Webcams satisfy peoples' natural desire to "spy" on someone or to live vicariously through someone else. If you direct your streaming video to your web site, the combination of your webcam with this software can draw many visitors to your site. And once you get the feel of the software, you will be able to discover even more ways to make your life more secure, com comfortable, and even entertaining.
profile/Oleg-Detistov/76083>Oleg Detistov

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