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Mitt Romney Announced His Intentions For Running For President Mitt Romney became the latest Republican to declare his ambitions for the 2008 presidency. He has set out his optimistic vision of a "New American Dream" in a speech laden with 50 references to "America", as he became the latest Republican to officially declare his ambitions for the 2008 presidency.
He launched his bid in Dearborn, Michigan although he was the former governor of Massachusetts. He spoke at the Henry Ford Museum in front of a Ford Escape Hybrid SUV, a classic Nash Rambler and an old DC-3 airliner; he exploited his Mid-western roots and the legacy of his father, George Romney, the popular governor of Michigan in the 1960s.
Mr Romney is a distant third behind Senator John McCain and Rudy Giuliani in Republican polls but on the campaign trail he conveys a presidential aura with a poise that exudes a calm, formal authority.
On the field of exploiting the internet, Mr Romney has been more advanced than his two rivals. He is the first Republican candidate to launch an official Facebook profile, a social networking website popular among students. It notes his interests as "horseback riding with his wife", and "winning the war against the jihadists".
In an indirect swipe at Mr. McCain, a 20-year veteran of the Senate, Mr. Romney portrayed himself as a Washington outsider with a strong record as a business executive.
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